Thank you for your interest in the Real Estate Field Photographer position!   We are a nationwide valuation provider and work with every major lender, asset manager and real estate data provider.


Please carefully read the requirements and if you feel this is a right fit for you. Apply for consideration.


We are in search of a few great men and women, due to continuous stream of real estate field photography, valuation, preservation and inspection jobs.

We are currently looking for independent, dependable, responsible, real estate field photographers to join our ever expanding nationwide team.

Before you apply, please make sure you have the skills and equipment necessary for the job.


These are a must have:

  • Smartphone with a great camera and email capability.
  • Reliable car with a GPS system.
  • Clean driver license and insurance.
  • Car must in good driving condition.
  • Ability to use email from your cellphone.
  • Ability to download a date stamp app to put dates and times on your photos.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to follow simple instructions.


Advantages of Working as a Real Estate Field Photographer

  • Amazing opportunity to earn extra money.
  • Make money taking pictures with your phone.
  • Take on as much or as little work as you desire.
  • Work for a nationwide vendor with opportunity to expand your network.
  • No late hours. We work during business hours with opportunity for extra work on the weekends.
  • We are a true virtual provider. We provide online training videos and email support to help you along the way.


What is your actual job?

We work with a network of 100’s of vendors that require real estate photography. Anything from pictures for inspection outside of the home, to property preservation and pictures inside the home. Your job is to provide clear pictures and email them back to us as soon as you take them.


What is the process of getting work?

  • You must submit a sample photo set described below that gets approved. No work will be given without sample photos.
  • We email you a job. Job is qualified as email with a job id. Job id, will have the address and job requirements on specific photos needed by the client. If you are available, very carefully read the details of the offer and either accept or decline it. You must reply to the email even if you are denying the job. Noncompliance of this will delay you getting more work.
  • When you receive an order, you must let us know immediately if you will ACCEPT or NOT ACCEPT. You will need to be available to respond to an order within 1 hour between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • If we do not hear from you, we will quickly pass the assignment on to another photographer in the area. Orders sent to you must be completed within the same day, unless you received the order past 4pm.
  • You must be able to do revisions if your photos are not up to standard. Once approved, the order will be sent to accounting and cleared for payment.


How and when do you get paid?

If we do not ask you for a revision, your order goes in to que for payment. We pay our contractors fast and on time; no questions asked! However, can NOT guarantee how much or little work you will get. That depends on the following factors; client job availability in your area, your ability to quickly accept and complete orders in a professional, quality manner.

  • Payment per job performed is very clear. We pay $10 per job. You should spend no more than 5 minutes in a location taking pictures. You are an independent contractor and we do not take out any taxes from your paycheck.
  • Checks are paid to you twice a month. We do not take out any taxes from your biweekly checks. You are not an employee of our company. As an independent contractor you file your own taxes and have a right to right off your expenses, such as gas, tolls, lunch, supplies, etc. Please contact your accountant or tax professional for advice.
  • We cannot guarantee nor predict how many jobs you will get. However, jobs are sent out immediately as they are received. Your jobs are rated on 2 factors. Quality and speed. The better you get at these two things the more jobs you will receive.


Are You Ready to Get Started?

  • You must send a copy of your resume and a sample set of photos to in one email.
  • Please email a sample set of seven photos. You will not be registered and receive any paid jobs if you do not send us sample photos.
  • A sample photo set consists of seven photos of any property you choose. Sample photo set instructions can be found here. Click here to see samples.
  • Once you understand the instructions, take a photo set of any house and email seven photos to: subject line must say: Sample photos Once photos are received, it is then send out to dispatch for review.
  • Please do not call our offices to see if your sample set has been approved. We will contact you via email whether or not you have been accepted in to our network.

We wish you the best of luck and hope to welcome you to our nationwidereo’s family!